ACDB ― kama city as my decor

A photo book and ‘zine’ of work produced by Anne Claire de Breij, featuring portraits of neighbors, friends, still lifes during her 3 month stay at the former Senzu Elementary School, as part of The Future Residency in Kama City, Japan.

The book “The Mukade and The Mountain” is a photography book featuring portraits of neighbors, friends, and still life compositions. The emphasis is on creating a sense of space for the images and maintaining a tranquil pace throughout the book. Studio& designed the cover, while the inside was designed by Studio The Future.

“Sketches from Kama City” is a ‘zine’ that serves as the backstory for the book “The Mukade and The Mountain.” All the images in this ‘zine’ were captured using a snapshot camera. The design of this ‘zine’ is a collage of memories, featuring people and places in Japan.

ACDB was Inspired by a mix of Japanese urban legends, traditional rituals and folktales and fascinating people from the area and using the natural surroundings of Kama City as her decor.

The color explosion of the ‘zine’ serves as a contrast to the serene atmosphere of the book, reflecting the contrasting nature of Japan itself. The spreads are intuitively designed with vibrant shapes and colors, resulting in pages that feature sharp image combinations, akin to ACDB’s distinctive style. This creates an element of absurdity that is recognizable in ACDB’s work.

The cover of the ‘zine’ features a juxtaposition of stacked images, creating a strong contrast with the typographic cover of the book. However, these two books form a cohesive whole, as placing them together enhances their layered effect.

Client: Anne Claire de Breij
Photography: Anne Claire de Breij
Design book “The Mukade and The Mountain”: Studio The Future
Cover design book “The Mukade and The Mountain”: Studio&
Design “Zine” Sketches From Kama City: Studio&
Category: art direction, publication

Selected: De Best Verzorgde Boeken Studentenselectie 2022