auping — the dawn of a new day

Lookbooks for bed manufacturer Auping that serves as a tool to inspire and inform about the spring and autumn collections.

Auping is a strong and well-known brand. Our goal was to make an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing lookbook instead of a standard brochure. With the concept of light we came to the color palette of the horizon that is different every season and every moment of the day. The Auping logo on the soft paper cover is embossed, as if you fell on a bed and left an “imprint”.

Sleep, dream, wake up. Daylight is constantly changing, it regulates our rhythm. Each season brings a different feeling, a different light and a different color palette. The dawn of a new day is a magical moment every time, just like nightfall, when the light disappears again behind the horizon.

When you think of beds, you think of soft bedding that you want to fall into, and that’s how we thought of soft uncoated paper for the cover and the first section where we tell the story behind Auping.

Each edition has its own color palette that reflects the season. This is visible on the cover and opening pages of each bed. The color “Auping blue” runs through the entire lookbook.

The beds pages are designed like a magazine. The images and texts are made up dynamically, using color backgrounds and a playful composition. This makes the spreads a pleasure to look at.

Auping pays a lot of attention to their product photography, which is why we opted for silk paper to let them shine.

‘We really like collaborating with Cathelijn and Mariëlle for our Auping lookbook. They bring lots of expertise to the table when it comes to graphic design and we admire their use of colours. Their keen eye on details ensures a great and flawless outcome. The 2 Auping lookbooks we have created together so far are a perfect fit with the Auping brand.’


Ilse Peters, Brand Manager at Royal Auping

The technical specifcations are separated from the image pages so they could stay clean. This allowed us to create a handy overview of all possibilities such as dimensions, colors and fabrics of each bed. The illustrations are also used at the configurator on the Auping website.

We have been designing the lookbooks for Auping since 2020. Below is the latest edition of 2022.

Client: Royal Auping
View the latest edition here