beau travail — a true polymath

An identity inspired by the French tradition of decorative arts with the industrial efficiency of Dutch design.

As a true polymath, founder Fabien Petiot likes to experiment in many areas. He enjoys combining craftsmanship and design, art and writing, a creative balance that comes from embracing all these disciplines. As a prolific storyteller, Fabien -through Beau Travail- applies his experience to create colorful, unique and poetic objects.

In French, Beau Travail means “Excellent work!” but also “What a mess!” in its more familiar, ironic meaning. That says a lot about both the highest demands on material quality and an inherent sense of humor. To achieve this, we asked Fabien to write down the alphabet and other elements such as lines and arrows and used that to create a bespoke font.

Beau Travail gives Fabien the freedom to explore his craft through designs that are simultaneously refined and playful, and in all media: from objects, lighting and limited edition furniture to art books, drawings, text and prints. The website is the playing field for him to invite you to read, gain inspiration, meet and buy products.

While browsing through Beau Travail’s work we came across the series of serigraphs called ‘Main dans la main’ which means ‘together’ in French. Shapes of Fabien Petiot’s hands, made by himself. We took parts of the screen prints, gave it the colors from the identity, and used it as background patterns.

“Founding Studio Beau Travail was a very exciting challenge for me, and I wanted a very personal website and visual identity to reflect what was behind it: the different hats on my head divided between design and content, my taste for colors, patterns and handmade, the importance of the manufacturing process, but also the company itself that distributes my products. The incredible creativity and the attentive listening of Studio& allowed me to realize what looks more like a portrait than a simple website.”


– Fabien Petiot

Client: Fabien Petiot
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