studio rens – best wool, sooool pooooower

A magazine and accompanying exhibition reveal the sensorial qualities, craftsmanship and innovative attitude of Best Wool, in collaboration with Studio Rens.

Best Wool designs, manufactures and distributes beautifully crafted woollen carpets and rugs. To generate more brand awareness, Dutch designers Studio Rens challenged us to draw a meaningful lexicon around the generally speaking flat objects and articulate the tactile qualities of the carpets, and the proven craftsmanship and forward-thinking attitude of the company.

Observing rows of rolled-up carpets and yarns on a roll, we dissected the circle as the leading element in our design for both the magazine and exhibition design. In the publication, the circle makes a statement on every page. The font is chosen for its perfectly circled ‘O’ — becoming a recognisable, playful element over the different sections.

The accompanying exhibition, held during Dutch Design Week 2019, showcased a matching graphic solution that playfully engaged visitors with the beautiful brand story in an inviting 3D environment.

Client: Studio Rens x Best Wool
Photos: Ronald Smit
Editing: Anna Ludwig, Tony Hoffa
Category: art direction, branding, publication, print, exhibition