studio rens for tarkett — re-vive, re-use, re-color

A tactile publication to visualize the concept behind Re-vive, which gives out-dated carpet collections new life using red dye. A project done in collaboration with Studio Rens.

Re-vive is a collaboration between design duo Studio Rens and Tarkett, formerly Desso, creating a new collection from existing carpets. We translated the idea behind the intervention to an inviting step-by-step publication as a bonus gift for each consumer.

Textured organic paper with natural imperfections relates to the idea of used carpets, which bear their own imperfections. A red cotton thread binding refers to the overall theme of dying yarns in red.

In order to coherently express the idea of Re-vive within the content of the pages, we came up with chapter titles that played on the re-element: Re-vive, Re-invent, Re-colour, Re-d, Re-use, Re-new, and Re-sult.

Client: Studio Rens x Tarkett
Photography: Sanne Veltman / Lisa Klappe