elements amsterdam — designed for freedom

Elements Amsterdam is a new Dutch design label delivering smart, flexible furniture. The architects of i29 designed the first product, a cabinet/locker called Element 01. We took care of the art direction and branding.


To introduce i29’s newest product, we came up with a strategy to launch the brand through 3D animation and visuals.


The visual style embraces minimalism and functionality. Clean lines and geometric shapes form the foundation of the design language, reflecting the brand’s dedication to simplicity and smart solutions.


Our approach to the video involved constructing a minimalist setting that allowed the cabinet to blend seamlessly into different environments, much like a chameleon.

The sans-serif typeface is evoking a sense of modernity and clarity. The color palette consists of muted earth tones, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainable design.


To enhance the visual identity, graphic elements inspired by the modular design of Element 01, are incorporated. The geometric shape of a square creates a grid or overlay in marketing materials and digital assets. This element reinforces the brand’s recognisability.

The website has a clean and user-friendly interface that showcases the product’s flexibility and customization options. The geometric shape of a square is reflected as a grid throughout the website.

The imagery showcases the versatility and customization options available with the modular cabinet. High-quality renderings of the product in various configurations demonstrate its flexibility in an abstract space with hints of environments like an office or hotel lobby.

The visual identity also includes a set of custom designed icons. These icons were created to enhance brand communication and provide visual cues that represent the various features and functionalities of Element 01.

The identity communicates the product’s versatility and customization options, targeting interior designers and end users alike.

Client: Elements Amsterdam
Design Element 01: i29
Strategy & copy: Alexandra Onderwater
Visuals: TwoandTall
Web development: Human Content Media Producties
Category: art direction, digital, identity