elles — in wonderland

A distinct identity with a touch of blue is the new chapter in Elles’ fairy tale.

Elles is a dutch entrepreneur and artist. Her work shows detailed compositions of our daily life and captures details of cities and nature. The website and identity is a big step to bring the art to the market professionally.

The design process consisted of transforming an existing logo into a modern consistent identity. Elles’ wish was to retain parts of the original logo. We simplified the logo, made it more modern and used a font with the same characteristics.  

“Working together with Studio& meant a huge step towards professionalisation for me. The outstanding attractive design and the proactive way of thinking along ensure that I still receive praising compliments on a daily basis and have seen my company flourish ever since.”


― Elles Middeljans

Elles captures almost every detail when she sits down to draw in Amsterdam, her hometown. Her drawings are so rich in detail that we wanted to extract some of these on her business card and packaging.

The website is a complete experience of the wonderful world of Elles. The drawings come to life and give an impression for your own home. As a visitor, you can view the drawings up close using the extra zoom function.

Client: Elles Middeljans
Website built in Weebly
Visit the website: elles.nl