kiki van eijk — thinking hands

The publication Imaginings by Kiki van Eijk is an ode to imagination and presents an overview of Van Eijk’s existing oeuvre.

Studio& previously designed the identity of Kiki van Eijk. We made a toolbox of abstract shapes created by the designer, coupled with an extensive bright color palette found in her designs. This toolbox served as a basis for the book

In this book, we look closely at Kiki’s creative process, including images and descriptions of objects, sketches and preliminary studies. The design expresses her work in a poetic way and with a personal touch. These sketches and collage-like designs are reflected in the cover image.

Each chapter has its own color assigned. The different types of uncoated paper and the linen binding created a layered and tactile experience.

The middle section of the book: ‘Where Kiki creates’, has the appearance of Kiki’s sketchbook. To enhance this we let Kiki write all the text in this chapter by hand. The paper consists of parts of wool, a material that she regularly works with.

Imaginings is a very dear and personal project for me. In fact it is about my life. That asks for a very sensorial, poetic, yet hands-on approach. Studio& is just the perfect fit for this, thanks to them you literally zoom in and out into my world of ideas.’


― Kiki van Eijk

Client: nai010 Publishers & Kiki van Eijk
Text: Suzan Russeler (curator TextielMuseum), Lidewij Edelkoort (trend forecaster), Marc Mulders (painter) and Blaire Dessent (design journalist)
With support from: Creative Industries Fund NL