kolenik — about a cabinet

A magazine-like catalogue for bespoke luxury cabinet brand Kolenik, together with Alexandra Onderwater.

Kolenik is a newly launched, high-end closet brand manufacturing sustainable, made-to-measure cabinets. The initial catalogue that the client has in mind didn’t do justice to the wealth of stories surrounding each design, the obsessive attention to detailing and the remarkable sustainable character.

Creative strategist and editor Alexandra Onderwater invited us to further conceptualize the stories around a cabinet. Together, we brought them to life by means of a rich and versatile one-off publication, serving as an offline catalogue and setting the direction for other brand communication outings such as packaging and accessories.

Dissecting the brand’s unique features, we recognised that luxury is about stimulating the senses. In the magazine, this is translated into five different stories around smell, touch, see and so on — connected the specific design features.

The core story of Kolenik goes beyond the design itself. A cabinet is the piece of furniture you start and end your day with. It helps you to make the most out of every day. A perfectly suiting cabinet oozes a sense of calm and confidence whilst being well made, timeless and beautiful. We based our stories, layout and choices for the fonts on this.  

Poetry and art, by means of a visual essay commissioned to Raw Color, adds exciting context to the bespoke furniture, and makes emotions more tangible. The last section’s more structured content serves as a bold reference to the smart online sales system whilst being beautiful and alluring in its own way. All contributing to the growing desire to, one day, build yours.

Client: Kolenik
Concept: Studio& / Alexandra Onderwater
Creative Strategist & editor: Alexandra Onderwater
Photoshoot: Raw Color
Styling: Raw Color / Studio&