mirror mirror ― the most beautiful magazine

Mirror Mirror Magazine is multi-layered like make-up, and designed to engage readers with an eye for beauty and a sense for quality. We continue with the graphical framework that our predecessors of …,staat designed but with a twist of Studio&.

The starting point is always beauty, both in the editorial and photographic content. Mirror Mirror Magazine aims to be beauty herself.

The appearance is multi-faceted: modern yet accessible; intelligently inspiring and feminine; playfully edgy with a touch of glamour and surrealism.

For every issue we choose a different outspoken display font. In this way every issue gets her own outspoken style and look.

Mirror Mirror collaborates with both new talent in styling and photography, and with established names, such as Carin Verbruggen & Ferry Drenthem Soesman, Pieter van Loon, Alexandra Leroy, Julia Müller, Carmen Kemmink, Martijn Senders, Ramona Deckers, Anat Dychtwald, Philippe Kerlo, Marc de Groot, Daniel Smedeman, Violaine Chapallaz, Domen & Van de Velde, Joey Thao, Tim Verhallen, Frans Ankoné, Petrovsky & Ramone, Roel Schagen, Wendelien Daan.

Client: Mirror Mirror Magazine
Editor in Chief: Georgette Koning
Printer: Tuijtel
Category: publication