postdigital artisans — tactile versus digital

This inspirational book focuses on a return to tactility, featuring contemporary artisans who craft objects by hand whilst embracing the digital age.

The work of the featured artists appear to be digital but they are real and physical. The process of making a book is a very digital affair. We decided to approach the design of the book as part of the content, emphasizing the nature of the work depicted within and adding an extra experience.

We wanted to bring in a tactile element. That’s why we invited a calligrapher to write all titles and quotes by hand. To play with the idea of code language we used a lot of zeros in the page numbers.

Contrasting high-gloss with uncoated paper gives the sensation of a screen versus the feeling of drawing paper. The cover’s blue foil makes it have reflective qualities of a screen.

Client: Jonathan Openshaw
Designed at: Frame Publishers
Calligraphy: Sarah Blais