qo amsterdam — bedtime stories

A book produced with a minimal footprint, explaining an inspiring sustainable hospitality concept.

Hotel QO Amsterdam was born out of a desire to stop the wasteful, one-use approach to hospitality. This book serves as a tool to inspire and inform about new ways to deal with sustainability, and makes sure the narrative stays top of mind.

The book narrates product stories, talks behind the architecture, explains food from the greenhouse and shows portraits of the people behind the hotel. Our challenge was to make all these different types of information accessible to the reader. The solution was found in designing the book in a magazine-like way.

‘Cathelijn and Mariëlle are a talented team with a great expertise of graphic design, illustration and branding. Since we brought them on board of the project, both the process and outcomes improved greatly.’


― Jeroen Beekmans, managing partner at Pop Up City

Illustrations gave the book a fertile and personal character. A copy of the book can be found in each of the hotel’s 288 rooms. It prompted us to the title, This Book Belongs to the Next Reader.

We produced the book in the most sustainable way. The chosen format minimizes cutting waste, and we only used recycled paper. Salient detail: the pink paper is made from recycled coffee cups.

Client: QO Amsterdam
In collaboration with: Pop Up City
Commissioned portret photography: Jordi Huisman