studio rens for auping — nighty-night colors

From posters to a folded newspaper: several ways to show the research process of Studio Rens for Auping, a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality beds and mattresses.

We were asked to design a publication that shows the research of consumer data for sold beds and chosen colours for Auping. Called Nighty-Night Colours, the publication aesthetically focuses on still life photos of materials and factory images.

The A2 posters are held together with elastic band. It creates an exciting combination of images and text, and bears the looks of a newspaper, making data more friendly and inviting.

The exhibition and accompanying newspaper where presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This fostered an authentic relationship between the brand, designers and people interested in design.

Client: Studio Rens x Auping
Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld, Ronald Smits