the verhaegen — live the story

The story of two eccentric art, design and history lovers who run a magical B&B in an 18th century building.

Marc Vergauwe & Jan Rosseel, both interior designers with a penchant for classical architecture, run an exclusive B&B in a historical place in Ghent, Belgium. They restored the classic building to its former glory with a contemporary twist.

We created an identity and website that expresses the refined style of architecture and interior design of The Verhaegen. The branding strategy and art direction was done in collaboration with Brando.

The color palette came directly from the atmospheric interior of the rooms. To enrich the design we used various classical fonts. 

The website is a representation of the B&B. The color palette is strongly present, which gives the hotel a warm feeling alongside the images and creates an atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome.

In this publication the story comes alive and evokes you to be part of this historic setting; take a break from reality and let yourself be enchanted. All graphics and illustration have a personal warm tone of voice.

Client: The Verhaegen
Branding & Art Direction: Brando
Graphic Design: Studio&
Video Direction & Music: Brando
Camera & Editing: Lode Steenhoudt
Photography: Tine De Wilde
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