wurck ― 13 years anniversary

Architecture office Wurck’s past 13 years of excellence, celebrated by means of a naturally fitting book.

Wurck is a Rotterdam-based architecture firm that specializes in integrating architecture, urban design and landscape into spatial design and research projects.

Wurck’s work method is often inspired by nature. It’s why we chose the Fibonacci sequence as a base for the book’s grid. Fibonacci numbers appear in the natural world, such as sunflowers and shells, reflecting some naturally occurring patterns. Using Pantone red throughout the book, as background and in the typography, lends it a strong identity.

The book was festively presented during the opening of the studio’s renovated office.

Client: Wurck | Architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture
Editing: Arthur Wortmann
Photography: Jakob Grambow, Stephan Nierop, Roos Pierson, Kees Reinders, Rijkswaterstaat, Sky Pictures, Kees Strip, Jan de Vries